13 Mouth-Watering Food-Inspired Accessories

John Lennon famously said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” That’s beautiful, but to me, life is more like what happens between thinking about what I will be eating next. And so, on that note, whether you’re killing time dreaming of what you’ll be eating on your lunch break or where you’ll be stopping for dinner on your way home, here is a list of items that look like scrumptious food to fuel your imaginations and whet your appetites. Eat your hearts out!

1. A soft-pretzel shaped blow-up raft

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2. Donut necklaces from Calourette

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3. This beet bag from Fluffyco

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4. This chocolate-inspired bench designed by Adele Rotella

[image via]

5. "Toasted Notes" that look like, well, toast

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6. Lamps that look like Chinese Food Take-Out

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7. Fried Egg Candles by Jaehyung Hong

[image via]

8. These meat-pattern rugs

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9. This scratch-and-sniff Banana Wrapping Paper

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10. This cupcake-inspired table by Doha Chebib

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11. Pillows that look like sushi

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12. This Ice-cream tank top by Mulberry

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13. This Cookie Coin purse from The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Store (Bonus: it also comes in hot-dog)


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